Psalm 136 Discussion Guide

Psalm 136

Note: “Hesed” is a Hebrew word that means the Lord’s loyal love. It describes the Lord’s covenant faithfulness to His chosen people He loves. The ESV translates the word as steadfast, NASB as Lovingkindness, and the CSB as His faithful love. Hesed is mentioned in every verse of Psalm 136, the Great Psalm of Remembering. The Psalm gives thanks to God Because He is good. It calls the reader to remember the Lord’s faithfulness.

But there’s a problem. We are broken people who often fail to remember all that God has done for us. Trace reminded us that hurry is the enemy of perception and attention. Trace told us, “The danger of forgetting is that you don’t remember that you’ve forgotten!” Don’t let hurry keep you from remembering all that God has done for you. Why? Because remembering results in worship—it gives us the courage and perspective to move forward.

Today, let’s remember God’s hesed love towards us.

Group Discussion Questions:

Read and discuss Psalm 136

  • Trace mentioned that giving thanks is the root, not the fruit, of a Christ-centered life.
    What does living this out look like for you?
    What are you routinely giving thanks to God for and what’s one additional thing you should be giving thanks for?
  • Trace said that perception and attention are optimal components of remembering; and are the opposite of hurriedness and distraction.  What are some personal wins and/or struggles that you experience with this?
  • Trace gave three applications for remembering God’s goodness in our lives:
    • Cues – What cues grab your attention?  What specifically do they draw your attention to?
    • Rehearsal – How do you routinely rehearse the Gospel (or how should you)?
    • Community – Pray for our church and small group community – Pray for transparency, forgiveness, grace, and the Gospel in our/your community.

Pray with your group and give thanks for God’s love which endures forever.

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