Psalms – Week 44 Study Guide

By November 27, 2016Small Group Study Guide


The objective this week is to focus on our gratitude and thankfulness for all God has done for us.


There were a lot of different scripture read during the service. Look over the following passages listed below before your group meets and choose a couple to read and discuss.

1 Chron. 17:16; Exodus 3:14-15; 32; 34:5-7; Psalm 19; 145:8; 113; Romans 1:20


Now reflect / remember God’s goodness toward you. Use the following questions to guide your discussion: When did God reveal himself to you? Who did he use to show himself to you? When have you experienced God’s patient mercy (a time of rebellion, unknown sin)?


Take time to pray together. Thank God for his ongoing work in your life.

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