Psalms Week 38 – Study Guide


  1. What does it take for a human to thrive vs. merely survive?
  1. What drives desires…good and bad?
  1. What drives envy in your life right now? What tempts you towards jealousy?

Read: Psalm 73


  1. Why is “preaching to yourself” so important? Where do we see this in Ps 73?
  1. What happened to cause him to “almost slip?”
  1. What are some unrealities as well as some realities that he struggled with? (Why did he feel “ripped off”?)
  1. Read Matt 5:43-46 & 2 Pet 3:3-9. How would you define “Common Grace” and why is it sometimes confusing?
  1. Envy is a distorted desire, how so? (When is desire positive, undistorted?)
  1. Why did trying to “work it out on his own” cause further confusion? How did worship in community bring clarity?
  1. Discuss these three things: “Entered, understood, realized.”


  1. How can you apply “Entered, understood, realized” to your life when you struggle with envy/jealousy?
  1. Who do you need to move towards in love and how?

*It need not be the specific person you feel envy towards, but it can be.

  1. Pray for those people now.

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