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Easter 2024 – Discussion Guide

Q1: What is the hardest funeral you have ever attended? Why?

Q2: What is the most encouraging funeral you have ever attended? Why

Q3: Do you think much about your own death? Why or why not?

Q4: How does thinking of your own death make you feel, or act?

Q5: Psalm 90:12 gives biblical precedent for considering our mortality. What other scriptures can you think of that encourage or challenge us to consider the fact that we will die and to be prepared?

Q6: Using the three-part outline below, what do you think you could grow in, or train better for?

Celebrate a life worth celebrating: Live for the good of others, not for self.

Comfort one another: Foster healthy relationships with friends and family.

Confess the gospel that gives us hope: Think more and speak more of our gospel hope.

Q7: Do you have regrets about someone who has died and you wish you would have done or said something differently? Not everyone will, but if you do, please share as encouragement and challenge to others.

Each person Read 1 Corinthians 15 carefully and prayerfully, you will be asked to give what verse was most encouraging or challenging and why.

Q8: What verse was most challenging or encouraging and why? State your “why” in a single sentence, or at most two sentences.
“I was encouraged by verse 57 because I have been low on hope.”

Pray: Give thanks for our hope in the gospel. Use 1 Corinthians 15 as a guide for some of your prayers.