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Daniel Week 2 Discussion Guide

By January 14, 2024January 16th, 2024Small Group Study Guide

Q1: Describe a time when suffering has caused you to either doubt God’s goodness or to grow in confidence in God’s goodness.  

Q2: What has God promised us?  

Q3: What do people sometimes assume that God has promised but biblically, he has not?

Q4: Describe a time when you were faithful in a small thing, and it later proved to be important for a larger test or opportunity.

Q5: Describe a time when you were faithful in difficult circumstances, and it allowed you to see God be faithful in new ways.  What would you have missed if you had not been faithful?

Read Daniel chapter 2

Q6: Where do you see God’s grace and where do you see Daniel’s grit in this chapter?

Q7: Biblically, God deserves all the glory and none of the “blame.”  Why does this bother some people?  What happens to us when we either take the glory or give God the blame?

Read Daniel 3:16-18

Q8: These men did not know whether God would rescue them or not.  They had faith that God could, they were going to be faithful even if he did not save them from the fire.  What does their story tell us about what to expect from God and God expects from us?

Read 2 Corinthians 4:7,8

Q9: Faithfulness isn’t going to feel or be easy all the time. What phrases in this passage describes you right now, in the past year?  Why?

Q10:  Three times a day, Daniel (probably in his eighties), got on his knees to pray.  Besides being impressed that he could still do that, how do you think his lifelong habits shaped his perspective and what habits are most powerfully shaping your life?