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River Mission Fair Discussion Guide

River Mission Fair Discussion Guide

If you have had personal experience volunteering with one of River’s mission partners, share about your experience volunteering. 

Was there one of the partners that you are interested in finding out more about? What interested you about their ministry?

We are all sent by Jesus to make disciples. Is there someone specific in your life that does not know Jesus that you are building a relationship with? Tell your group about that person and pray for them. 

The work that God is doing through our church and our mission partners is His work. Take some time and pray for our mission partners. 

Onelink – Pray for them as they form and prepare student teams to go overseas this summer.

River Friends Overseas

  • Jason and Lisa
  • Austin and Jenni
  • Sarah
  • Amelia
  • Isaac and Suzanne
  • Cameron
  • Dalton & Hannah

CORE 520 – Reaching out to refugees and internationals living in Wichita

Heart of KS Southern Baptist Association – Network of local churches working together for church health and starting new churches.

Embrace – Pray for their staff and volunteers and they help women choose life for their unborn children. 

FCA – Pray for Keith as he leads this ministry to collegiate athletes and coaches.

Hope’s Gate – Pray for women in our city working in the sex trade to know the love of Christ this Christmas.

CAYM – Pray for Donnovan as he works to develop strong and healthy Christian mentoring programs.

Youth Horizons – Pray children in the mentoring program. Pray for God to encourage mentors and raise up new mentors. Pray for the boys and girls living in the residential homes.