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In 2017 we will be going through Romans on Sunday morning and in our small groups. We will not be doing memory verses on Sunday morning in the worship service, but a scripture memory plan is provided on this page. The scripture memory plan begins on January 15 and ends December 31.

Download Verse List

Scripture Typer is a free bible memory app for Apple OS, Android, and Kindle. We have created a group on Scripture Typer that you can join. The Group is preloaded with the Romans Verses. In order to join the group you need to create a free Scripture Typer account.

Join River Scripture Memory Group

How to join River Scripture Memory Group.
Desktop Instructions

Step #1 Go to and create an account

Step #2 Click on the “Groups”

Step #3 Search for the group “River Scripture Memory” and join the group

Step #4 Select the Romans 2017 verse collection.

Step #5 Memorize!!

Mobile Instructions

Step #1 Download the Scripture Typer app for Apple or Android or Kindle

Step #2 Create your account

Step #3 In the app select “My Verses”

Step #4 Next to the words “My Groups” select the magnifying glass icon and search for the group “River Scripture Memory”

Step #5 Once the group shows up, select it and join the group.

Step #6 Now go to the group and select the “Romans 2017” verse collection.

Step #7 Memorize.