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Prepare & Enrich Workshop

March 22nd & 23rd

Our Vision: Develop a Commitment to Rich, Life-long Marriages

We can no longer take registrations for this event,
but you are welcome to come to the Friday night training at 7:00 pm.

If you would like to complete a Prepare / Enrich couple’s survey at a later date,
please contact Rodney

Our Approach:

  • Grow in our understanding of God’s intent and purpose for marriage. He invented marriage. How did He design it to work?
  • Provide couples with resources to strengthen their relationships through the Prepare / Enrich Assessment
  • Provide singles with the building blocks to prepare for rich, life-long marriages.

For Singles: There will be training on the purpose of marriage and how to begin preparing for marriage.

  • Dating relationships in order to live more in line with God’s purpose for marriage.
  • Marriage Myth-Busting Q & A session with some of the married couples at River.
    • How does marriage work?
    • How will I know if this is the “ONE”?
    • Is dating biblical?
    • Your Marriage questions.

For Couples: Dating*, Engaged, and Married couples will take the Prepare / Enrich Assessment.

The Assessment:

  • It is NOT a test but a snapshot of your relationship.
  • Will provide insight on the potential strengths and areas for growth in your relationship.
  • The assessment is customized for your stage in life and the stage of your relationship.
    • If you have children, there is a parenting component to the survey.
    • If you are engaged or dating, the survey is tailored to fit your relationship stage.
    • Each couple will be provided with a detailed report of their assessment results.

Below is a sample report as well as videos that discuss the Prepare Enrich Assessment. You can read more about Prepare / Enrich online

The teaching and practice portion of the workshop will be tailored to fit your assessment results

*Dating couples may take the survey or choose to attend the workshop as single adults.

Sample Assessment Report

Workshop Details

$35/couple for the assessment
$5/workbook (not required)
If you want a printed workbook it is suggested that each person have a workbook. Workbooks can also be downloaded as a PDF.
(Assessment is available for couples: dating, engaged, or married)

Friday March 22nd 7-8:30pm
Saturday March 23rd 9am – 11am.
Child-Care will NOT be provided. As a courtesy to others, children will not be allowed in the training sessions.

Friday Schedule:
** On your own** 5:30 pm
Go out to dinner with your spouse or partner.
Singles go out with a group of friends!
7:00pm Gather at River.
— God’s Vision for Marriage
— Growing as Lifelong Partners
— Introduction to the Prepare / Enrich Survey
8:30pm Dismiss 
** On your own**
Continue the conversation from the training.

Saturday Schedule:
9:00 am Gather at River

— Dig into the Prepare & Enrich Survey
— Customized Teaching on relationship Strength & Growth Areas
— Develop a Rhythm for Marriage Checkups and Enrichment
— SINGLES: Dating and God’s Vision for Marriage, Marriage Q & A
11:00 am Dismiss
** On your own **
Continue the conversation from the weekend.
Couples go to lunch together.
Singles go to lunch with a group of friends.

Introduction to Prepare / Enrich