I grew up east of Wichita, attending Andover High School and then went on to Wichita State University for my undergraduate work. I ended up with a degree from WSU in International Business along with a minor in German and Economics. I later earned a Masters of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. After working as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for many years, I left the U.S. to spend two years overseas in Albania (1994-1996) as a missionary. This was a great experience as well as a time that stretched and grew my faith. Upon returning, I helped start a small group for the few teen girls we had around. I didn’t know it at the time, but was soon to be formal start of our youth group. We eventually grew in number, which allowed for me to come on full time at River Community in 2002. It has been a real privilege to walk alongside so many youth throughout the years.

Hobbies and Interests:

I love gardening in the spring and summer months and quilting during the fall and winter months. I’ve always loved to read, and listening to audio books has become a way I manage to read quite a few books. Traveling has been a favorite pastime, as well, though I must say I enjoy staying home a lot more than I used to!

My favorites:

Book:  My favorite childhood book was The Secret Garden.
Movie:  Probably Italian Job!
Place to eat: Genghis Grill
Thing to do in Wichita: Hang out with friends.