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Hey River Family,

If you would like to send a video to be used in one of our videos for the service there are two ways to get the videos to us.

1. Upload to Dropbox and share with

2. Upload to Google Drive and share with

If you have problems or questions contact me

Right now we are looking for these videos: River Greeting, Dance party / Bouncy Challenge, Our God is a Great Big God, and Doxology videos. You can read below for explanation of different types of videos.



Share a Greeting

Even though the foyer is crowded on Sunday it is still nice to see people. Sending in your River greeting is a great way for friends and families to see familiar faces. Huddle your family together around the camera and just say hi or make a fun video. Use the sharing instructions above to send your video.

Examples of River Greetings.

Share a Dance Party or a Bouncy Challenge Video

We would like to include different people dancing to the bouncy song. Video your dance moves and send them in. If you are participating in the bouncy challenge, send in your bouncy videos as well.

Great Big God

On Sunday we are going to sing this song and we would love to include videos of your kids doing the actions. Play this video on your computer or TV and video your kids doing the actions and then send the video with the instructions given above.

Share a Doxology Video

I am looking forward to singing with you again, but until that time, virtual will have to do. We have received a few doxology videos but would like a few more.

Some instructions:

  1. Play the video below in the background so that you will be in the same key and have the same timing as everyone else.
  2. Turn the volume in the video down so that we can be sure to hear your voice.
  3. Don’t stress if you don’t sound like a professional recording artist, because you aren’t a professional recording artist. You are child a God, given the opportunity to sing his praise.