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2 Timothy 2:14-26 Discussion Guide


2 Timothy 2:14-24

In a Nutshell

Paul will tell Timothy to pay attention to his character, his motives, and attitude. But he continually tells Timothy to focus on the truth of the gospel. Not “his truth” but “THE truth,” the gospel. The story of Jesus, what he did in history, and what that means. God has made a way for humans to be saved. So far, in 2 Tim. chapter 2, Paul has encouraged Timothy to be strong in the grace that is in Christ and to join him in suffering and to remember “Jesus Christ, raised from the dead.” Then he gives him some practical, tactical guidance for pulling this off.

Pray: Pray that the Spirit will guide and empower your discussion today. Ask Him to speak clearly to your group.

Group Discussion Questions: As you reflect on the sermon this week, how did the Holy Spirit speak to your heart? Was there a verse/passage that stood out to you? Share why the verse or passage struck you.

Terry opened his sermon by stating, “The Gospel is like gravity.” What was his point and how does it relate to our passage for today?

Read and discuss vv. 14-19

  • In these verses Paul is essentially telling Timothy, “Here’s some practical and tactical guidance.”
    • Keep reminding of the truth (v. 14)
    • Keep the truth priority (v. 14;16)
    • Work hard at this (v. 15)

Discuss the implications of this three point charge for your own life with the group. Here are some questions to consider: What are the challenges to living like this? Where do you fall short? What keeps you from remembering the truth? Have you become bored with the truth? Have you let other things become a priority over the truth? How are we too keep the truth from getting buried in all the chatter?

Read and Discuss vv. 20-21

  • What do you think is Paul’s point in these verses?

Read and Discuss vv. 22-26

  • Terry described these verses as Paul giving some “Pro-Tips.” What were the tips?
  • Terry said, “He [Timothy] has to play defense against sinful desires and play offense in the pursuit of the qualities of righteousness, faith, love and peace.” What about you, are there ways you could be playing defense or offense better? In what way is “SA” essential for us to be effective?


Questions: How do we become or stay people who want to hear what we need to hear?

  • How do we train our minds and hearts to love the truth of God, the gospel…and not be perpetually looking for the new, that isn’t true?
  • How do we become or stay lovers of the truth of the gospel?
  • How do we, as we grow old…learn to grow young again.
  • How does the age old gospel truth become continually confirmed by our present experience?

Answer: First, we don’t seek experience. Second, we learn to love what we invest our lives in. Our hearts follow our investments, we get to choose what we value. Reflect on what God has done in the Gospel.

Application: How has the Holy Spirit spoken to your heart today? What personal implications can you make from today’s discussion? Ask yourself, “What do I need God to do in me or through me due to today’s discussion?”

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