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2 Timothy 1:1-18 Discussion Guide


2 Timothy 1

In a Nutshell

Paul writes Timothy a second time from a Roman prison. Paul is at the end of his life. He knows that this last imprisonment would be the end of his life. However, his mental state is not depression. It’s passion. He will go to his execution from this cell, and in this letter, he is passionately handing off the work of the gospel to the next generation—Timothy. In chapter 1, Paul calls Timothy not to be timid, to have courage, to fan the flame of the Spirit into a full blaze, to guard with his whole strength what God has entrusted to him, and to endure faithfully.

Group Discussion Questions: As you reflect on the sermon this week, how did the Holy Spirit speak to your heart? Was there a verse/passage that stood out to you? Share why the verse or passage struck you.

Read and discuss vss. 1-5

  • In vs. 1, how does Paul describe himself? Where does his authority come from? What is his purpose?
  • Terry stated, “Context is so important. We need to get our minds there and keep them there.” Recall and discuss the context of the letter as laid out by Terry. With that in mind, how does it help you to read and understand 2 Timothy?
  • In verse 3, Paul says he faces death with a clear conscience. How is he able to say this? He has remorse, we know that to be true, and yet his conscience is clear. How is this so? What are the implications for us?
  • Verses 4-5 are a call to persevere. How is Paul challenging Timothy in these verses?
  • How could Paul be so thankful given his current circumstances?

Read and Discuss vss. 6-14

  • What was Timothy to fan into flame? How was he to do this? Can you see the two dials of Divine sovereignty and human responsibility? Note:God, through his Spirit in Timothy, has given him power, love, and self-discipline. Now Timothy is to fan those things into fuller and fuller flames in his life.
  • Read verses 6-10, where does the power Timothy will need to stand firm and endure come from?
  • What are the three words given in verses 11-12 that describe different aspects of calling? What are the implications for us?
  • Verses 13-14 call Timothy to guard the good deposit entrusted to him. What was deposited? How is he to guard it? What implications are there for us?
  • How would you summarize these verses? What’s the takeaway for you personally?

Read and Discuss vss. 15-18

  • Paul then describes folks in the church who had gone down both paths, some who had not guarded the good deposit, and then one who has. What must it have felt like to be deserted? How does Paul describe his encouragement because of the faithfulness and help provided by Onesiphorus?


Don’t chase the new, the exciting, the emotional, the powerful. Experience them when you can, but don’t chase them. To chase them is to experience great emptiness. Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, endure faithfully, and fan God’s gift into flame—power, love, self-control.

Application: How has the Holy Spirit spoken to your heart today? What personal implications can you make from today’s discussion? Ask yourself, “What do I need God to do in me or through me due to today’s discussion?”

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