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1 Thessalonians 2:1-20 Discussion Guide

1 Thessalonians 2

Group Discussion Questions:

As you reflect on the sermon this week, how did the Holy Spirit speak to your heart? Was there a verse/passage that jumped out to you? Share why the verse or passage struck you.

Note: The young church at Thessalonica was steadfast in their faith, which went “viral” in the local area and out into the wider countryside. Their reputation, to the glory of Christ, became widely known.

Read and discuss verses 1-12

  • What do we learn about Paul’s conduct while among the Thessalonians?

Discuss the things you notice with your group. How can you make an application to your own lives?

  • Verse 4 says, “We are not trying to please people but God.” Why do you think it was important for Paul to say this? What are the implications for us?
  • In verse 8, Paul says, “We loved you so much.” How did Paul put the love into action?
  • Can you think of someone you know who loves people as Paul did?
    What is it that stands out to you about them?
  • Read verses 10-12. Why is Paul so intent on making sure the Thessalonians understand his motives were pure?
  • Read verse 12. This is Paul’s life message. What is your life message?
  • Terry said, “Everyone is communicating, demonstrating, and celebrating what is most true, or valuable to them with their words and actions.” What does your life communicate?

Read and discuss verses 13-20. 

  • These verses share how Paul’s message was received. What do you notice in these verses?
    What’s the takeaway?
  • What did Paul mean by “The Word of God, which is at work in you who believe.”?
    How has the Word of God been at work in your life?

Application: Decide who and what you want to most value in your heart. Then give time and energy to investing there.

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