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Ephesians 5:22-6:24 Discussion Guide


Ephesians 5:22-6:24

Note: There is a lot of different types of relationships Paul mentions in this section. As we read through the remaining letter, it’s helpful to remember the Beliefs/Values/Behaviors hook.

What we believe is true shapes what we wrap our hearts around (love), which then determines what we do in our lives. The Spirit of God empowers this at every level as we stay plugged into relationship with him.

Today we finish Ephesians with the gospel applied to some key relationships. Then Paul sounds, “reveille,” a final wake-up call. Keep all of this in mind as we work through the letter. It’s essential not to lose the forest for the trees as we go through this section. Look for how the forest, the gospel, is shaping our lives!

Group Discussion Questions:

  • As you reflect on the sermon this week, how did the Holy Spirit speak to your heart?
  • Was there a verse/passage that jumped out to you? Share why the verse or passage struck you.

Read and discuss verses 5:22-6:24

  • What does it look like to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ?
  • How has “Wives submit to your husbands” been taken out of context? How does it not denigrate women?
  • How does Paul say we can apply the gospel in the three types of relationships mentioned?
  • How does the gospel work in the most basic of human relationships?
  • How does love “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength…love your neighbor as yourself.” help us to figure out how to apply the gospel in real life situations?
  • What does it mean to stand firm? How do you do this? How can you plant yourself firmly and not allow yourself to be moved?
  • What does it look like to put on the armor of God?
  • Read verses 6:12-18. What does it look like for us to live in a state of readiness?
  • What pieces of armor do you have in place? What pieces are not in place? If not all the pieces are in place, what must you do to get them in place?
  • What does Paul mean by “I’m an ambassador in chains and what are the implications for us?
  • Terry finished with the following questions: “Why keep pushing so hard to live this life?” “Why give effort to living in line with the faith?” “Why not just do what others are doing, why not just do what I want?” What’s your answer to these questions?

Application: What do I need God to do in me or through me as a result of today’s discussion?

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