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Galatians 6:1-18 Discussion Guide


Galatians 6

—Chapter 6 in a Nutshell—

Paul concludes his letter with a series of exhortations and reminders.  Galatians 6 starts with describing how Spirit-led Christians serve each other by restoring those caught be sin and bearing each other’s burdens. Only those who plant God’s Spirit in this life, through faith in Christ, will harvest eternal life. Paul concludes the letter by writing in big letters that circumcision does not matter, only being made a new creation by faith in Christ matters. (

Discussion: Work through the chapter together with your group.

Read and discuss verse 5:26-6:6.

  • In verse 5:26, Paul warns believers “Not to become conceited, provoking and envying each other.” Think about Paul’s warnings. How might they show up in our lives? What is the antidote?
  • Paul then encourages believers (v.1) to gently restore someone caught up in sin. What does that look like in practice? What are the three dangers connected to someone else’s sin or wrong that we must be mindful of?
  • Why do you think Paul warns of pride immediately after we encourage someone to repent or when we help carry another’s burdens?
  • What principles can we learn from verses 2-6?

Read and discuss verses 7-10.

  • What do we learn from v.7-8?
  • Describe in your own words what the biblical law of sowing and reaping is?
  • Paul warns us not to become weary in doing good. What might cause us to become weary?
  • How can we keep from becoming weary?
  • Why is Paul making this point about sowing and reaping?
  • In verse 10, what does the word therefore indicate? What’s the takeaway about reaping and sowing?

Read and discuss verses 11-18.

  • Why were the Judaizers trying to compel the Galatians to be circumcised?
  • In your own words, describe the meaning of “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.” (NIV)
  • What Does Paul’s one “boast” teach us about our salvation?

Application: This entire section of Galatians is dependent upon our life in submission to Jesus. What do I need God to do in me or through me as a result of today’s discussion?

Remember our one legitimate boast: I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live,
but Christ lives in me. 

Pray for Ministry Partner. 

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