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2 Corinthians 1:1-24 Study Guide


2 Corinthians 1

Chapter In a Nutshell

Speculations had grown about why Paul had not come to Corinth sooner. He explained what had been happening in his life, how he had treated the Corinthians with integrity, why his plans had changed, and what his current plans were.   

Discussion 1:

  • Read verse 1-7. What is the great promise in this passage and how do we make it operational in our lives? How do we enter into this kind of life?
  • Comfort is based on the reality of the power and presence of the God of all comfort. What is the nature of the comfort we receive from God? Is it different from just removing trials and difficulties? If so, how?
  • Discuss the following statement: “God’s goal for us is not ‘have as few problems as possible in life…then die a self-reliant fool.’ His goal is training in Christlikeness so that our lives can bring him glory and bring us joy.” How might this statement apply to your own life right now?
  • How can we comfort others with the comfort we received from God?
  • What can keep us from leaning into the comfort we can find in God?
  • Read verses 8-11. Terry stated: The movements of God in our lives are designed to make us more reliant on God and are most often not what we would normally consider “pleasant.” Would you agree with this statement? Share how you have been shaped by God through an unpleasant experience.
  • Read verse 12. Where was Paul’s confidence placed?
  • How can we make sure our consciences are aligned with the word of God?

Conclusion: Read verses 18-22.  It is of vital importance that you nail down what the foundation is going to be for your life. You can weather lots of “yes and no” if your foundation is solid. You have to decide and then live decided. Make the decision once for all to stop deciding.

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