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1 Corinthians 14:1-40 Study Guide


1 Corinthians 14

Chapter 14 In a Nutshell: Paul continued his discussion of spiritual gifts, focusing on their proper use in worship. God designed spiritual gifts for the edification of others. This principle should guide the ways we exercise them in worship.[1]

Discussion: Read Chapter 14

  • Terry reminded us how chaotic and disordered the Corinthian worship services were. List all of the issues Paul had addressed up to this point.
  • How important is it that we understand the “context” of a given passage? Think back to the sermon: what context did Terry present concerning the passage? How did/does it help you to understand the chapter better? Discuss your answers.
  • What were some of the possible descriptions of tongues that Terry listed? Can we know with certainty what tongues is? Again, think back to the context; the New Testament scripture had not yet been written. How does having the complete Word of God change things?
  • What are the ways in which God’s Word is being prophetically spoken today?
  • Why would Paul state that prophecy is a better gift than speaking in tongues?
  • How should orderliness of worship amplify and direct the principle of love and building up others?
  • Think of the times you’ve come together with others for worship. When have you been most aware of God’s presence and of Him speaking to you?[2]


Paul’s intent for the Corinthian church was that they would abandon their self-inflicted chaos and let God’s objective Word bring order to their lives. If they would stop embracing chaos, then God would show them and tell them how to grow and mature their faith.

God’s Word has this power in our lives, it can bring order to our chaos. But don’t be mistaken: this will not make us people without passion, but rather people whose passion is deep and abiding and not tossed around by the winds that blow in and around us.


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