1 Corinthians 1:10-31 Guide

STUDY GUIDE 01.10.2021

1 Corinthians 1

OPENING: Believe/Value/Do—Head/Heart/Hands…. In your own words, describe what they mean.

Note: Think of these as “hooks” to help us grasp biblical concepts and realities.

Our beliefs, values, and actions all should align with the Gospel.

Read the following paragraphs explaining believe/value/do to your group: 

Believe: As followers of Christ, we believe the Gospel is the wisdom and power of God; we believe it is true. The Gospel directs me, NOT the emotions inside me, and certainly NOT events around me.

Value/Do: These two things go “hand in hand” or “heart in hand.” What we love (value) directs what we do. What we do affects what we love. So, watch what you allow your heart to care most about.

In your heart, live your life for the applause and approval of God. Push your heart in the right direction, give time and effort to thinking about the greatness and glory of God. Determine to not make anyone other than Jesus your hero. This means you may have to redirect some of your reading and thinking away from current events and the “popular” humans in society at large, your workplace, or school, and spend time thinking about and learning more deeply about God.

We put what we value into action by setting our minds on things above, taking thoughts captive to Christ, and above all else guarding our hearts. Do the things that God desires you to do. Settle in for the long haul…a long walk in a single direction. Believe, value, do. This is not a dull walk, but one of passion and pace. This is the way God intends to make something beautiful out of our lives…for his glory, the good of others, and our own great joy.

Exercise: Have your group read and discuss 1 Cor. 1:10-31. Have them look at what it has to say about what we are to believe, value, and do (head/heart/hands).

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