Day 8 Advent Devotional

By December 8, 2017Daily Devotional


Ask God to orient or reorient you to Himself. Confess any known sin. Thank Him for His forgiveness. Be still and reflect on Jesus and His sacrifice for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to God’s Word. Pray for others in your life that they, too, would know and love God today.

The Angel Comes to Mary

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Then Hannah prayed and said: 

“My heart rejoices in the Lord; 

in the Lord my horn u is lifted high. 

My mouth boasts over my enemies, 

for I delight in your deliverance. 

“There is no one holy like the Lord; 

there is no one besides you; 

there is no Rock like our God. 

“Do not keep talking so proudly 

or let your mouth speak such arrogance, 

for the Lord is a God who knows, 

and by him deeds are weighed. 

“The bows of the warriors are broken, 

but those who stumbled are armed with strength. 

Those who were full hire themselves out for food, 

but those who were hungry are hungry no more. 

She who was barren has borne seven children, 

but she who has had many sons pines away. 

“The Lord brings death and makes alive; 

he brings down to the grave and raises up. 

The Lord sends poverty and wealth; 

he humbles and he exalts. 

He raises the poor from the dust 

and lifts the needy from the ash heap; 

he seats them with princes 

and has them inherit a throne of honor. 

“For the foundations of the earth are the Lord’s; 

on them he has set the world. 

He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, 

but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness. 

“It is not by strength that one prevails; 

10 those who oppose the Lord will be broken. 

The Most High will thunder from heaven; 

the Lord will judge the ends of the earth. 

Luke 1:46-55

46 And Mary said: 

“My soul glorifies the Lord 

47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, 

48 for he has been mindful 

of the humble state of his servant. 

From now on all generations will call me blessed, 

49 for the Mighty One has done great things for me— 

holy is his name. 

50 His mercy extends to those who fear him, 

from generation to generation. 

51 He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; 

he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts. 

52 He has brought down rulers from their thrones 

but has lifted up the humble. 

53 He has filled the hungry with good things 

but has sent the rich away empty. 

54 He has helped his servant Israel, 

remembering to be merciful 

55 to Abraham and his descendants forever, 

just as he promised our ancestors.” 

Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus at just the right time. We praise you because you use humble, ordinary people in your plan. Help us to believe your word like Mary. Amen. 

Questions for Reflection

  1. What do I learn about God? Look for God’s character, conduct, concerns.
  2. What do I learn about people? Think through what the passage reveals about your identity as an image-bearer. Think about our fallen condition. Look for how we should live.
  3. What do we learn about relating to God? Look for things to praise and thank Him for. Look for promises and truths to believe.
  4. What do I learn about relating to others? Look for how we should interact with and treat others. Look for ways to pursue reconciliation with others. Look for specific ways to love, serve, and care for others.


As you look to the advent of Christ Jesus, what does God want you to understand and think?

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