Psalms – Week 41 Study Guide


  1. Take some time and discuss Chaplain Taylor’s Life. How would we feel if you face the same adversities?

Read: Psalm 107: 1-32


  1. The Psalmist outlines a variety of tough situations and how God rescued the people from them.

What are the types of situations? How did God rescue? What was the people’s response?

  1. We talk the most about what we think about the most…our affections are revealed in our discussions.

Is this true? Why or why not? If it is true what does it reveal about you?

  1. Opportunities for thanksgiving often flow from difficult circumstances. Why is this true? How have you seen it played out in your own life?


  1. Read Hebrews 6:19, “This hope is the anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Ultimately our hope is in Christ…the gospel. In what way is this hope an anchor for your soul? How does it give you hope?
  1. Why is balance and tension important for your spiritual health?
  1. Why did Chaplin Taylor survive and so many didn’t?
  1. How are we to be thankful for what we have when there is so much suffering in the world?
  1. Can we hope for temporal things? Should we? Health, Relationships, food, comfort…
  1. How do we go about being thankful? What should our gratitude encompass?
  1. Between now and Thanksgiving what are some ways you can practice the spectrum of hope/thanksgiving?
  1. Can you be fully grateful, thankful…without all your questions being fully answered?

Pick one of the “5P’s” of evangelism to touch on this week in group.

  1. Pray—for Relationships
  2. Prepare—Understand the Gospel
  3. Pursue—Trust Relationships
  4. Proclaim—Identify with Christ
  5. Plan—to Include Others

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