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Daily Devotional Day 5 September 2 2016

By September 2, 2016Daily Devotional
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Ask God to orient or reorient you to himself. Confess any known sin.  Thank him for his forgiveness.  Be still and reflect on Jesus and his sacrifice for you.  Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to God’s word.  Pray for others in your life that they too would know and love God today.


22:30 Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord.  31 They will proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn — for he has done it.

2 Tim. 2:2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.


Posterity comes from a word that means “seed.”  When you hold a seed in your hand you hold potential fields of wheat, or forests of trees.  This is the idea connected with these verses.  Jesus, the Master, had a simple plan to take the gospel through the world.  He invested his life in a few, who invested their lives in others.


Think large and far by thinking small and near.  See in the lives of people around you the possibility of impact that goes to the ends of the earth to the end of time.  This is not hyperbole, this is the Master’s plan.

Are you worried that you don’t have what it takes to impact others?  Good!  Everyone God used in the Scripture and in history has been a mess, at least as much of a mess as you are.  Jesus is the lone exception.  This is why we do not proclaim ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as servants.

Offer your mess to Jesus, ask him to turn it into impact for his glory and the good of others.

Look up to him in faith today and look out to others in love…look for impact in a life today.

*From what you have just read and considered what is a personal implication/application for your life today?


(Personalize this prayer for today, make it specific to the circumstances that face you.)

Ask God to lead you through his Spirit as you go through your day.  Ask him to bring to mind the truth of the gospel and its implications for what you will encounter today.  Tell him “Yes” to his will today and ask him for his power and protection to live this “yes.” Ask him to create and reveal opportunities to proclaim the good news today. KEEP PRAYING THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY TODAY.

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