I grew up east of Andover and went to Wichita State University for my undergrad work. I ended up with a degree from WSU in International Business along with a minor in German and Economics. I later earned a Masters of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I worked in the drug and alcohol field for several years before leaving the U.S. to spend two years overseas in Albania (1994-1996). This was a great experience as well as a time that stretched me personally. In 1997 I helped start a small group for teen girls. This eventually turned into a full-fledged youth group, which allowed for me to come on full time in 2002.   I have loved walking with the different youth throughout the years.   It has been a real privilege.

Hobbies and Interests:

I love gardening in the summer months and am trying to get more types of flowers to grow from seeds! Quilting is also a newer hobby that I have started enjoying immensely. I love to figure out how to make quilts and then watch them come together. If traveling is a hobby, then it is definitely a hobby of mine. I mostly enjoy visiting friends from our church that we have scattered around the world.

My favorites:

Book:  My favorite childhood book was The Secret Garden.
Movie:  Probably Italian Job!
Place to eat: Genghis Grill
Thing to do in Wichita: Hang out with friends.