Evangelism Study Guide

By November 26, 2017 Small Group Study Guide

Developing a Missional Lifestyle


To help individuals and groups develop a missional lifestyle. God is at work drawing people to himself. Our role is to faithfully look for God’s work and join Him as he gives us opportunity.


  1. Faithfulness is our lane, fruitfulness is God’s. Read 1 Corinthians 3:6
  2. Our Role is to Tell and NOT Sell. Read 1 Corinthians 2:4,5
  3. Make Disciples “As you go..” Read Matthew 28:18-20
    1. Jesus’ instructions to Go into all the world is more literally translated “as you go.” Outreach to others can flow out of the normal patterns of our lives. It does require intentionality but it does not have to be a “special event” to be outreach.

Now that we’ve talked about some perspective, let’s focus on practices that you can incorporate individually or as a group to help develop a missional lifestyle.

  1. Pray
    Pray for yourself to be faithful to share. Pray for others to be faithful. Pray for non-believers to respond.
    *Discuss: Describe your prayer life. What hinders and helps your prayer life?
  2. Pursue
    Develop trust relationships. Look for opportunities to connect with new people. God is really at work in people’s lives and he wants to make Himself known. He wants to use us.
    *Discuss: What opportunities do you have to build new friendships or develop a current relationship?
  3. Prepare
    Remind yourself of the reality of the Gospel. You are already doing this by coming to group, church, and having a quiet time. Take time to remember what God has done in saving you.
    *Activity: Read Ephesians 2:1-10. God has saved you. He can save others.
  4. Practice
    Memorize a gospel presentation that you can share when you have opportunity.
    Examples: Bridge Illustration (navlink.org/bridge), Two Ways to Live (twowaystolive.com), Your personal testimony, a bible story to illustrate the gospel (Prodigal Son)
    *Discuss: Do you have a gospel presentation memorized? Can you tell of a time when you shared it?
  5. Proclaim
    Sometimes sharing the gospel means dropping nuggets of truth. These are spiritual potato chips. Small bite-sized words about God’s activity that wet people’s appetite to know more about God.
  6. Plan
    Plan to involve others. Reaching out to others is a team sport. 1 Cor. 3:6. Paul planted and Apollos water. There was a sower and cultivator and maybe a different reaper.
    *Discuss: Are there opportunities coming up or can you create opportunities to connect your non-Christian friends with your Christian friends? (Invite to Christmas eve service, night out, service projects, etc.)

Individual Reflection: Place a checkmark next to the six disciplines above that you currently practice. Circle the one or one’s that you want to grow in. Share your response with the group.

Group Leader: Choose a discipline above that you want to challenge your group to grow in. Come up with plan for growth in that discipline.

Spend time together praying for each other, for River, and your non-believing friends.

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